Couples Massage Packages

Basic Couples Massage


 The perfect choice for couples. Massages are given side-by-side on two separate tables, each with your own therapist, in a relaxing private environment.

      30m     $110
      45m     $139
      60m     $160
      75m     $200
      90m     $239
    2 hour    $339 

Couples massages not available for online booking. Please call 605-331-0588

Royal Couples Massage


 A couple can relax together with massages given side-by-side on two separate tables. The floor and tables are sprinkled with rose petals and the room is lit by the flickering flames of aroma therapy candles. Enjoy some rich chocolate treats before and or after your couples experience.   

    30m     $135
    45m     $160
    60m     $185
    75m     $225
    90m     $259
   2 hour   $359 

Paris Couples Massage


 Perfect for Valentines Day, anniversaries, or any special day! Enjoy each other's company while receiving your own massage next to each other. Red rose petals are spread over the floor and tables and the room is lit with aroma therapy candles. After the massage, enjoy a slice of cheesecake and chocolates in your room and leave with your own flower. 

    30m     $160
     45m     $185
     60m     $210
     75m     $249
     90m     $279
  2 hour     $379